Call to Artists

Call To SVA Member Artists:


Many artists value originality in their work. However, even the most innovative and unique artworks arise from the influence of other artists. This curated exhibition seeks to explore the stylistic lineage embedded in the work of SVA member artists.

We invite artists to submit work, in any media, that honors the work of an artistic predecessor. This might be the work of a world-famous historical artist or the work of a personal mentor. In any case, we ask that member artists send in an image of an artwork that directly (or indirectly) inspired the piece they submit to the exhibit. Photographs of these influential works will be displayed alongside each artist’s work, making the spirit of “homage” more visible.

Homage will be exhibited at Fox Hill, the c.1822 stone church and former Masonic Hall located across the street from the Poultney High School. Stone Valley Arts makes use of this historic space thanks to the generosity of its previous owners and the Preservation Trust of Vermont.

  •      Exhibition Dates: October 14th – December 9th, 2017
  •      Members of Stone Valley Arts may each submit up to three pieces.

(Interested artists can become members prior to the exhibit! Join at )

  •      Deadline for submissions is September 15th, 2017.
  •      Please email jpeg images of your work (and the work that inspired it), along with your name, titles, medium, date and a brief description of your project to: (with “Homage Exhibit” as the subject line).