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Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill main gallery location: 145 East Main Street, Poultney, VT o5764
Open gallery hours: most Sundays 1:00-4:00 pm and when the building is open for other events.



Painted Songline Scrolls – TERRY HAUPTMAN
Iconic Sculptures – HUGH JOUDRY
Abstract Alchemical Paintings – JEANNE JOUDRY

Deer Woman, Hugh Joudry     


Songline Scrolls 2, Terry Hauptman   


Lunar Geometry, Jeanne Joudry 


Exhibit open: September 28th – October 28th
Open gallery hours Sundays, 1-4pm, and whenever Fox Hill is open for other events.

Friday, September 28th, 5:00 pm 
An opening reception and art exhibit featuring:

Poetry Reading: Terry Hauptman
Dance Performance: Erika L. Schmidt and Devin Balcacer
Music: Gary Schmidt

Free and open to the public. All welcome!

Location: Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill, 145 East Main Street, Poultney, VT

Contact: Gary Schmidt



The work of Rita Fuchsberg, and Irene Minkoff

Show open: November 1st – December 9th
Opening reception: November 3rd, 4:00-7:00 pm


Untitled, Rita Fuchsberg

Hypothesis, Rita Fuchsberg

Dragonfly, Rita Fuchsberg


Rita Fuchsberg

Fuchsberg’s recent work includes highly textural acrylic paintings created with a palette knife. Her past body of work includes portraits from a project called ‘Ladies in Waiting’ 40 portraits of women on death row, which first showed in SoHo, New York. When asked for a brief bio, Rita responded “I’ve been an artist since as long as I can remember. I earned a master’s degree in art therapy from Pratt and worked in that field for several years.”


At the Bazaar, Dream, and I Can’t Decide, Irene Minkoff

Irene Minkoff

Irene hails from Bronx, New York and now lives in Manhattan. She loves to spend time in Poultney, Vermont near her sister. She has an advanced degree in social work but having retired she enjoys photography, playing the piano, going to the ballet, volunteering with immigrants struggling to learn English and navigate New York City, as well as spending time with her family.

Of her work for I know what I saw, Irene explains “Television talks at us 24 hours a day. Mine started saying different things to me. Images combined and coalesced fleetingly. I felt compelled to hunt them and watch until they beckoned to me. These few canvases represent the countless hours of staring at broken televisions until those crazy images spoke their own kind of sense.”

“I think most of the work is thought-provoking and I’m very interested in knowing what others see because the potential is there for each person to see something different.”


Contact: Erika Schmidt



Theater in the Woods Improvisation workshop appropriately titled A Day of Play at SVA.
Open to people ages 8-16.
Saturday, October 20th from 11 am to 3 pm

This workshop is designed to nurture creativity, expand expression and reinforce the magical power of ensemble all while having a great deal of fun! The day would end in a free improv performance for their family and friends and any other members of the community interested in attending.

The fee for A Day of Play is $25 per student.

Info :
Meg Bouchard 518-248-2402
Theater in the Woods Vermont  802-235-2050

Location: Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill, 145 East Main Street, Poultney, VT

Sunday, November 11 –   Nocturnal piano of Chopin
Gary Schmidt and guest poets
More information coming soon!

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