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The Road Less Taken, photo by Britney Kasuba


Opening Friday, April 27th
5:00pm – 7:00pm

Free and open to the public. Everyone welcome!

This is a collaboration between the English and Art Department; Art Influencing Poetry, Poetry Influencing Art, featuring  work from students in the National Art Honor Society, Digital Arts, and English classes of Poultney High School., and spearheaded by Scott Holliman of the English Department and Melissa Kristiansen of the Art Department.

Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill (across from Poultney High School) 145 East Main Street, Poultney, VT 05764



“FAVORITE POEM” – Community Poetry Reading

“We turn to poetry to interpret life, to console us, to sustain us.”  Matthew Arnold

Saturday, April 28
2:00pm – 3:30pm

Poultney Celebrates National Poetry Month! YOU are invited to read or recite one of your favorite poems and tell why it is personally meaningful. The only rule is that poems are NOT poems that you, your friends or relatives have written, but ones you have read, perhaps many times, and to which you feel a personal attachment. Everyone is welcome to share a poem, or just come and enjoy hearing  your friends and neighbors read their favorite poems. Please Email poem title to to be included on program.

This event is FREE and everyone is welcome!

Location: Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill (across from Poultney High School) 145 East Main Street, Poultney, VT 05764

Contact: David Mook, 802-884-8052,

POULTNEY SPRING ART FESTIVAL featuring the Mobile Glass Furnace from SAW
LiHigh School and Stone Valley Arts 

Friday, May 4th, 9:00am – 3:30pm

The mobile glass furnace from Salem Art Works, in collaboration with LiHigh School and Stone Valley Arts, will come to Poultney to demonstrate and share with the community the power of art and sculpture. The funding will support this opportunity to expose and ignite the power of glass arts from a local institution to approximately 25 Poultney students. All organizations involved share a similar goal to enhance the world using art as a vehicle.

Students from Poultney High School, Green Mountain College and LiHigh School will watch, engage and enter the event and day in a self-guided manner. The arts community of the town and beyond will be able to collaborate connect and grow, as community members are invited to engage and explore the happenings of the day. There will be various exhibitions on display for people to see at Stone Valley Arts and Green Mountain College. These will be on view for small groups of students to engage with using scavenger hunt activities. Additionally, students from LiHigh will showcase music along with a few other artist demonstrations. The purpose of the event is to ignite an inter-organizational collaboration opportunity the day of the celebration and in projects beyond. Poultney Spring Arts Celebration can become a tradition within our community to celebrate art, community and inter-organizational partnership.

Planned and directed by Annie Daley, LiHigh School

Tentative Schedule: 

Glass Furnace: 9-3:30

9:15-10:15: Group 1

10:15-11:15: Group 2

11:15-12: Group 3 (advanced, did Art 101)

12:00-12:45: lunch

12:45-1:45: Poultney High School

1:45-2:45: GMC

Other happenings:

9-10:15: student metal pour/demo @ Church (St. Raphael’s in Poultney)

10:15-11:15: student talk about anime @ school

11:15-12: Dick Weiss

12:45-1:45: Kerry Furlani

All Day:

Students involved will be asked to attend at least two of the outside events below. This filled out “scavenger hunt” will be their ticket to get their glass piece made at the furnace.  

  • Collaborative Bird Houses with Bill: each group involved can make a birdhouse with Bill and then take it back to their organization @ his garage next to the HS

  • SVA: Student Art Show @ Fox Hill

  • Open Studios: Journal Press 10-2

  • Co-op: possible activity

  • GMC: Art Show

  • Photo display with student: Photo walk/talk: projections with Epsom @ the Church (St. Raphael’s in Poultney)

  • Collaborative drawing activity @ LiHigh: “What do you love about your neighborhood?”

  • Puppet show on loop @ the Church

  • Poetry/Rap battle @ the Church





POP POEM: a found poetry workshop  

Saturday, June 30, 2018
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

All-ages event; little ones will have fun, too. Best for language lovers and the curious.

Description: Bianca, a local performance poet, will share with participants the joys of finding poetry in existing texts and/or images and refashioning them as new poems. This “Pop Poem” workshop resembles Pop Art, hence the name, including the conflict between the literal and abstract, freedom of artistic expression, repetition of discovery and multiple meanings.

Writer Annie Dillard has said that turning a text into a poem doubles that poem’s context, “The original meaning remains intact, but now it swings between two poles.” A found poem is the literary equivalent of a collage, and so, during our two hours together, we’ll have several stations of “texts,” including magazines, books, games, etc., where we will hunt for the poems to find us.

Cost: Suggested donation of $5 (non-member) or $3 (member) to Stone Valley Arts.

Contact: Bianca Amira Zanella, 603-732-8606, or

Location: Stone Valley Arts at Fox Hill, 145 East Main Street, Poultney VT (Across from Poultney High School)


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